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Car wash

You would expect to see information on our website on how great we wash the cars, which car care products we use … and that we have the best equipment in the world.

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Tire service

Our survey shows that people are primarily interested in the car wash and the tire service comes next. If so, that means you have already noticed our unique car wash offer.

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Car service

And now it’s time to tell you about our car service.
– We provide all kinds of services for any vehicle.
– There are more than 3,500 car services in Russia.
Impressive, isn’t it?

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At first glance, the service seems simple. But not at all .Of all the services for vehicles, disinfection is the only licensed one. And do not believe those who tell you that there is no need for a license. This isn’t so!

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Car parking

Millions of drivers are looking for their place on the road where they can relax and feel safe.
After all, safety is first and foremost.
We have what they were looking for.

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Traffic fines

Traffic fines have an ability to break us down.
Our goal is not to let that happen.
We guarantee payment of the fines during the grace period with a 50% discount.

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About Us

we know everything about the road

The beginning of a new era of car service

In May 8, 2014 The International Transport Service was established
Fortunately, I witnessed its foundation and development

World-class service

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