Tire service

Our survey shows that people are primarily interested in the car wash and the tire service comes next. If so, that means you have already noticed our unique car wash offer.
Let me tell you about tire service.
As the saying goes, there are never many tire services!
And this is true.
Unfortunately, the tire still doesn’t ask us when it gets flat. It just gets flat.
And that’s when we intervene with our car service forces
There are more than 3,000 car services throughout Russia in our network.
Yes gentlemen, this is an ultimate record.
We are market leaders and there are proofs to that.

Trust your intuition call us and get the best service right now 8 800 55 008 55

Car wash

Car wash of cars and trucks

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Car service

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Do not trust the rumors! Just check!

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Car parking

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Traffic fines

Traffic fines have an ability to break us down.
Our goal is not to let that happen.

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